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FORGETTERS, BLACKLIST ROYALS & more at the Well, Leeds, April 29th 2011

AUSTIN LUCAS, DIGGER BARNES, SERIOUS SAM BARRETT & more at Santiago, Leeds, May 7th 2011

OUT OF SPITE XI at the Well, Leeds, July 15th, 16th, 17th 2011


Thursday, 2 September 2010


WYSAS (Ents) Proudly Present:

This year has seen a plethora of 'festivals' thrust into the skintight jean-clad groins of music lovers from Leeds and afar. But only now, after biding its time whilst the underlings and runts of the festival world played out their inadequate shows, is THE RUMP ready to reveal its raucous rapture to the unsuspecting masses.

We have literally spilled blood (if one counts the smörgåsbord of fillet mignon, t-bone, and sirloin) to bring you an stupendous line-up of acts to keep the festivus fun flag raised higher than ever as we plough our dreary existences toward the cold winter months.


WHY? An all day beer and music fest at Brudenell Social Club, Leeds. 
WHEN? Starts around 1400 until Midnight, Saturday 16th of October, 2010. 

Click on the band names for links to their sites.


Drag The River: Jon Snodgrass and Chad Price bring you 'pack-a-day' voices and country-fied roots-rock that's about as authentic as it gets.

Austin Lucas: From the punk rock underground, Austin plays american country and bluegrass and sings like he's swallowed a golden song egg. 

Cory Branan: From Austin, Texas, Cory's music is a mix of indie rock, punk rock and folk. Cory blimey, he sounds more like Ryan Adams than a man who gargles with diesel.

Cold Ones - Top drawer skate thrash Scousers who wouldn't sound out of place on the soundtrack to a Thrasher video from the 80s. 

Serious Sam Barrett: From Bradford, West Yorkshire, Serious Sam is the Yorkshire ramblin' rose. Mixing up bluegrass, country and some serious good finger pickin'. Mine's a pint.

Eagulls: Great new Leeds band sounding like the b*stard child of Swervedriver and The Wipers - hard hitting and melodic shoegaze influenced punk.

Coal Train - Three quarters of This Aint Vegas delivering the kind of off-kilter, angular pop that made their last band so popular.

The Great St Louis - Anthems for the working man. Heartfelt and sincere punk rock of the highest calibre. Rank alongside Husker Du, Leatherface, Hot Water Music etc.

Well Wisher - Manchester & Leeds emo kids kicking out the jams mid 90s style. Expect plenty of singalongs, twinkly arpeggios and tops being swiftly taken off. 

Jimmy Islip & Los Magnificos - embittered and angry folk songs about love, mining and the closure of squash courts. Featuring guest appearences by certain Magnificent, Hot Club de Paris and Dead Reckoning members. 

Beverley Kills - Cambridge's answer to The Go Go's finally bring their party to Leeds - catchy, singalong punk ala Ramones, Lunachicks, The Donnas. 

Tickets £8 adv/£10 door

Or go to Crash Records or Jumbo

There's some more infobytes currently available on our facebook site here.

Until then, save the date - SATURDAY 16th OCTOBER IS RUMPFEST!!!

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